Diet vs Healthy Eating

I’d like to erase the word diet from anyone’s vocabulary if they’re starting a fitness journey.  Dieting is too restrictive, too boring, and suggests someone must feel hungry in order to succeed.  I’d much rather someone learn how to Eat Healthy rather than learn how to Diet.


Unless you’re a competitive athlete who gets paid to stay in shape, there’s no need to follow a set of rules that keep you hungry.  It is their job to be in insane condition, and when they share their diet with the public, we think that we can just follow this diet to look like this person… it’s madness!  Not to mention the magazine will always exaggerate what the person says so that they can add a shocking headline to their article.  Here’s an example, the Michael Phelps diet is made up.  Michael Phelps never claimed to eat 2 pizzas, 2 kg of pasta, 10 donuts plus whatever else they said he ate, and because it’s shocking it has become a worldwide challenge.  So don’t believe what the magazine says that Z list celebrity is eating.  It’s their job to sell magazines, not tell the truth.


Anyway, there’s so many diets out there, all with different theories and calculations.  Some find out your exact calorie and nutrient intake from your height, weight, exercise level, age, what dog you have, what job your grandma had between the years of 1960-1065 etc etc.  It’s all bullshit.  They’re just trying to sound like the smartest new diet available so they can charge big bucks for their untold knowledge.  Not to mention paying reality TV stars to endorse their new, amazing diet so that gullible followers will also buy the product (Herbalife recently with some TOWIE “stars”).


Most of the diets out there claim some specific scientific way as to why their diet works.  The Atkins diet claims that no carbs is the way.  The juice diet says juice will cure everything.  Detox tea’s magic fat off your body due to special organic exotic ingredients.  Again, all bullshit.  What these diets do is cause you to cut your calories drastically which MAY result in SOME weight loss.  This weight loss is too fast, rarely sustainable, and the person hasn’t learnt about their body, just how to erase certain foods for a short period of time.  When the person introduces the foods back into their diet, hey presto, they gain weight again.


This is why your weight will yo-yo throughout the year as you try new fad diets, see a small change, then reward yourself with a month of eating everything in sight.  What you really need to do is study your eating habits, find out when your cravings are but more importantly what prompts these cravings.  Everyone looks different, both on the outside and in.  One diet which is perfect for one person could potentially be catastrophic for another, and it is up to you to find out what works for your body.


Eating healthy is the way to go.  There’s no uniform description for this but I think it’s fairly self-explanatory: avoid junk, use fresh ingredients, avoid processed food, treat yourself occasionally.  When you stick to eating healthy, rather than something as ridiculous as the 5:2 diet, you can monitor your weight weekly.  If you’re gaining, you may want to cut down a little, if you’re losing, keep at what you’re doing.  When you’re eating the right stuff aka calorie sparse foods you can eat a lot at each meal, so generally you feel fuller throughout the day.  500 calories of salad is a hell of a lot more food than 500 calories of chocolate.


So next time you’re researching for the latest diet trend, just concentrate on you, and how you could tweak your eating habits rather than attempting something drastic.  Just because a diet apparently worked for that person you love on TV, doesn’t mean it will work for you.  Lean how to cook, how to eat, how to keep cravings at bay.  Then you’ll look and feel healthy your whole life.


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