5 ways to combat the beer belly (WITHOUT giving up beer!)

We all know a good story never started with a salad… but then again, a beer belly never started with a salad either.  It’s hard to drink beer regularly and maintain a decent rig.  And after years of drinking, a beer belly is almost certain.

But is there a way to keep the beer belly at bay WHILST still enjoying a few on the weekend?  Are there small changes you can make to ensure you can enjoy a bevvy without looking like Jack Black?…

We all know the facts, yet we choose to ignore them; there are 7 calories in each gram of alcohol, a pint of beer contains 200-250 calories, the person who drinks the most beer is the biggest lad… just kidding (not really).

The reality is that most adults like me and you drink beer.  Drinking too much beer will increase your bodyfat percentage.  However, the last thing you’re thinking when you’re in the beer garden after slogging away 50 hours for that wanker of a boss is “Golly gosh, I wonder how many calories are in this beer”.

At the end of the day, to reduce your belly all you need to do is consume less than you burn off.  Over the years I have learnt ways you can actively reduce your beer belly whilst still enjoying a pint at the weekend.


  1. Drink Less Beer

Kind of an obvious one, but still it gets overlooked.  You might not get drunk off those couple of beers in the week, but they still add up.  Do you really need a few tins whilst watching TV?  Or is it just habit and because you have beers left over in the fridge.  If you’re going to drink, try to keep it to the weekends.

  1. Burn more calories

Again, a pretty obvious one.  I don’t mean go for a run or hit the gym (although these will work the best), but just changing some daily habits will mean you burn more calories in your day to day life giving you more freedom to enjoy a bev at the weekend.  These include walking over driving, taking the stairs at work, having a walk at lunch, not getting a lift from the station, doing some manual work around the house, taking the dog for a walk, there’s loads.  All very minor things but if you do them daily it will all add up.

  1. Swap to bottles

I know avoiding beer completely is out of the question, but a simple swap from pints to bottles could save a load on calories and on the hangover.  As I said earlier the average pint could rock up to 250 calories, a bottle of beer is on average 100-150 calories. If you’re a top lad and manage to have 10 drinks on a night out this could save you 1000 calories.

  1. Swap your drinks

Now I know I said you don’t have to stop drinking beer, which you don’t, however there are alcoholic alternatives with a much lower calorie count.  The average spirit has 40-50 calories in it.  If you couple this with a low-calorie mixer (diet coke, soda water, or neat if you’re a badass) that’s a hell of a load less calories than a pint of beer.  Now I do always love my first drink in the pub to be a pint, but if you want to cut some calories, swap to spirits as soon as possible.

  1. Avoid drunk munchies

Can anyone ever remember how that drunk 3am pizza tastes?… Me neither. A pizza can easily be over 2000 calories, and the same goes for a donner kebab.  By cutting out this drunk meal (that you never remember and always feel sick after) you skip on 2000 calories.  That’s almost a whole days’ worth of eating!


We all love a beer, but nobody loves a beer belly.  To enjoy a pint at the weekend without adding to our gut, we have to make some small sacrifices. By following these 5 simple steps you can still enjoy yourself without becoming a lard-arse. Or if you’re a lard-arse and proud, drink away!



2 thoughts on “5 ways to combat the beer belly (WITHOUT giving up beer!)

  1. Good post. Really, you can’t out work the beer gut. I’ve consistently trained for a decade, but despite that I had the beginning of a beer belly last year. And high blood pressure to go along. I love dark beer, but I’ve cut down to only drinking during weekends and limiting to 2-3 drinks per day. I’m now one of the few 43-year-olds in my neighborhood with a six pack of abs rather than porter.

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    1. Sounds like you’ve nailed it, good job!

      Liked by 1 person

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