5 Day Challenge


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Regans Dream Body Challenge: From Dad Bod to Dream Bod in 5 days!

Dad Bod

Are you ready to get yourself from Dad Bod to Dream Bod?!…

Do you want to shift that extra weight you’ve gained in the last few years?!…

Dream Bod

Do you want to be the strongest, leanest, fittest, fastest version of you?!…

Then secure your spot for our next FREE 5 Day Challenge by clicking HERE!

Complete the form in the link above and then wait for us to contact you.  All you need is a Facebook profile and the will to make a change!

29391612_10160112221955321_643878472_oHi, I’m Regan, and I’m the founder of the 5 Day Dream Body Challenge.  As you can guess from the tagline, I want to show you (completely for free) the step by step process of getting you from that sluggish, slow, dad bod you’ve been cursed with, to the strongest, leanest, fastest and fittest version of you.

I’ve helped hundreds of men in your situation get back feeling like themselves again, feeling young, confident, successful, and that nothing can stop you.  Forgot what that feels like?… Let me take you back there!  Register for the next challenge and I guarantee you wont look back!

You’ll get a Diet Cheatsheet showing you exactly what foods are fat burners and which are fat gainers.  You’ll be part of a select group of men all working together towards a common goal.  I have no doubt that you’ll find a few friends for life.


So what are you waiting for?! You’ve got nothing to loose! It’s 100% free!  There are a limited number of spaces on the challenge so fill out the form HERE and be prepared for the new you!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at thepowercoupleuk@gmail.com… but why do that, just sign up and get started!

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