I hope you’ve learnt a lot and I KNOW you are ready and committed to take this further.

You’re on this web page as you’ve had a taster of what’s to offer in my EST Training Program and want to build on the momentum you already have.  I know you’re ready to bring back the Strongest, Leanest, Fittest, Fastest version of you.


Here’s a few quotes from exiting members:

“Doing online PT with Regan has been a game-changer for me. It’s more flexible than face-to-face sessions, and I find actually gives me the chance to take ownership over what I am doing more, and be accountable to myself with someone watching over my progress. I’ve been delighted with the progress so far, and would highly recommend online training if you don ‘t necessarily have the time or financial commitment for face-to-face PT.”

Ben, 31, 9kg weight loss in 14 weeks.

“As a result of enjoying Regan’s humour, candour and simple, informative tips on Instagram I approached him for some online PT help as I work overseas. His energy, attention to detail and wealth of knowledge has been awesome. He continues to challenge me, take the mickey and keep me on track. Get in touch, he’ll be the first person to let you know if online support is not for you, but if he can help, he will. Cheers big ‘un.”

Greg, 49, 14kg weight loss in 19 weeks.

“Regan’s online training has been fantastic. His diet and fitness advice has been on point, helping me lose 11kg over 6 months and achieve my body goals. He is always available to give me hints/tips and keep me accountable to my goals”,

Jonny, 26, 11kg weight loss in 24 weeks.

Join Us

If you want to join the ranks and take one of the 50 spaces (yes, there’s only ever going to be 50 spaces, once it’s full I’m closing applications) then TAKE ACTION and read on.

In the EST program you will receive:

  • Weekly workout plans, which are always different and challenging to avoid boredom
  • Weekly diet analysis, through group coaching and live videos in the Facebook group
  • Community support, just like you experienced during your challenge
  • An on call Personal Trainer to answer all your questions

What this SHOULD cost you per month:

12 workouts with a PT = £600

Weekly nutritional advice = £200

Community Support (priceless, but let’s estimate…) = £50

On call Personal Trainer = £50

Totaling at = £900 per month (and that’s a low estimate!)

Limited offer = £100 per month!!

At the cost of just 1 night out a month, you could have everything you’ll ever need to get you to your goal.

There’s no contracts, no sign up fees, no BS.  Just like-minded guys all working together to achieve common goals.  If you then decide it’s not for you, just stop the payments and I wish you all the best.  But I guarantee you wont look back.

Now make a change and follow the instructions below.

I look forward to welcoming you in our community


Step 1: Log into your online banking

Step 2: Set up a standing order to the bank details provided

Step 3: Notify me with proof to gain access to the Facebook community

Step 4: Get ready for the Strongest, Leanest, Fittest, Fastest you!


Speak Soon



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